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10 Lessons from the Folk High School

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* The price includes shipping within the continental United States. This book is also available in eBook format from the Association of Folk High Schools in Denmark, https://www.danishfolkhighschools.com/pedagogy/10-lessons-from-the-folk-high-school/ This English/Danish book series, published in 2019 for the 175th anniversary of the founding of the first folk high school in Denmark, introduces the fundamental building blocks of the Danish folk high school and presents how this philosophy is put into practice in folk high schools today. The book series consists of 11 books. Volume 0 is an introduction to the history of the Danish folk high school and the different ideological movements surrounding it. Each of the subsequent volumes examines one characteristic of the folk high school and its relevance to modern schooling and pedagogy. Prominent writers in and around the folk high school have written about communal singing, storytelling, residential schooling, democratic education, people’s enlightenment, life enlightenment, learning through the body, exam free school, social learning and education for humanity. Each volume takes off by discussing the phenomenon in question, and 3-4 narratives from Denmark or elsewhere in the world provide different perspectives told through specific, practice stories. The books include stories from Nigeria, India, England, South Korea, Poland, Greenland, the Philippines and Iceland. Vol 0: A Foray into Folk High School Ideology Vol 1: Become Yourself Vol 2: Learn for Pleasure Vol 3: Take Responsibility Vol 4: Learn for Life Vol 5: Sing Together Vol 6: Live Together Vol 7: Tell Stories Vol 8: Learn Together Vol 9: Learn through the Body Vol 10: Become a People



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