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PDF - Highlander Folk School by Myles Horton, Option, Vol. 2. No. 2, Spring 1978, (pp. 73-81)

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A Personal Use* Digital Download** ****PLEASE NOTE: This download is a portion of the full download which is also available. If you purchase the full download this portion will be included.***** Highlander Folk School by Myles Horton (pp. 73-81), Option, Vol. 2 No. 2, Spring 1978 Sidney Farr, Editor Pamela Corley, Associate Published by the Folk Education Association of America Education Toward a New National Spirit: The Folk-College as an Educational Alternative Proceedings of the First National Conference of the Folk-College Association of America, June 16-18, 1977 at Berea College. Berea, Kentucky Between the fall of 1976 and the winter of 1998, the Folk Education Association of America (FEAA) published 53 issues of Option. Option was always a low budget, "folksy" publication. The content reflected an eclectic array of articles and new items that included historical and contemporary, scholarly and amateur, Scandinavian and North American, and personal essays, poems, music, and photos. *PERSONAL USE allows the purchaser the download of a work to a single storage location. One hard copy may be made without further permission, provided this is done for the purposes of private study only. The purchasers may also display the single personal copy for purposes of a limited time academic lecture or seminar, provided that no further duplication occurs or is allowed to occur. **DIGITAL DOWNLOADS PURCHASED FROM THE FOLK SCHOOL ALLIANCE are not eligible for return.



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